Shiv Sena mayor accepts guardianship of children who lost their parents due to Kovid

Shiv Sena mayor accepts guardianship of children who lost their parents due to Kovid

Dombivli d. June 19:
In the second wave of Kovid, many children have lost their parents’ umbrellas over their heads. In Dombivali too, Shiv Sena mayor Rajesh More has taken the initiative to support the children who have lost their parents.

Shiv Sena Dombivli mayor Rajesh More and his wife Bharti More have accepted custody of both Vinayak and Medha Chinderkar from Dombivali. The children’s father (Sudesh Chinderkar) died a few months ago due to Kovid. Aunty Vaishali was taking care of these two children as she lost her mother’s umbrella over her head about 9 years ago. But now that their father has been taken away by Kovid, the two children have become orphans. However, Shiv Sena, as usual, maintained its social commitment and held the umbrella of love over these two children. The information of these children reached the mayor Rajesh More, who is always in the forefront of social work and always runs to help the needy. The Mores accepted the custody of the children without a moment’s delay. Justifying the Shiv Sena’s anniversary, Rajesh and Bharti More also provided immediate financial assistance for the education of their two children. Therefore, it will help to ease the future path of these two children who have lost the umbrella of their father as well as their mother.

There are many children in the society today who have been deprived of their parents’ umbrella by Corona. Other philanthropists in the community need to come forward with a sense of community and empathy in the same way as the Morey couple, to infuse love into their grief.

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