Social activities for the welfare of alumni who justify Independence Day. Palava News


Welfare 15 August:
An alumnus of Mohinder Singh Kabul Singh English High School came together in Kalyan and showed his commitment by carrying out social activities on the occasion of Independence Day. All of them are alumni of the 10th 2012 batch.
For the last 4 months many people are facing financial difficulties due to the lockout caused by Corona. Apart from this, common citizens are worried about how to celebrate the coming Ganeshotsav for a few days. These alumni of the MKS school distributed kits of essential items to such needy families. The students also told Palava News that they would try to arrange food for the homeless and destitute people living around Kalyan during Ganeshotsav. Now the fun is not to have fun but to help the needy. Alumni said that through this effort, we have given a message to help others in our own way.

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