Statements about doctors; MP Sanjay Raut should apologize – Indian Medical Association demands | Palava News


Dombivali 17 August:

The Indian Medical Association, the apex body of doctors, has asked MP Sanjay Raut to withdraw his statement about doctors and apologize. Also, at a recent meeting of the state level executive committee, such a proposal was unanimously approved. Vandana Dhakod has given.

Doctors, compounders and WHO (World Health Organization) comment on Dr. Sanjay Raut’s ABP Mazha has created a ruckus. Raut’s statement is being condemned by the medical community.

Today the entire Maharashtra state is in the grip of a corona. In response to the call of the state government, 3 lakh doctors of the state are fighting against it. Many have lost their lives because these cowardly warriors risk their lives to fight Corona. The IMA’s 216 branches and 45,000 highly educated members in Maharashtra always respond positively to the Maharashtra government’s call for social commitment. Against this backdrop, MP Sanjay Raut made a mocking comment about the work of doctors, saying that the morale of doctors in the state has dropped. Vandana Dhakod said.

Also, the trend of derogatory and derogatory statements about doctors has started in newspapers, media and social media. He also said that it was more difficult for doctors to work because of the terrible accompaniment to boosting morale to develop morale, with doctors blaming them for things they are not guilty of. Dhaktode said.

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