Stop the itation work of the power employees after the assurance of the Energy Minister. Palava News


Kalyan 9 July:
In Maharashtra, contract power workers agitated over their various demands. It was temporarily suspended following Nitin Raut’s assurances. The movement has been going on for the last 2 days.

However, various public representatives of the state mediated this. Nitin Raut and employees union representatives called a meeting. In this meeting, the trade union said that the criteria of the recruitment process were wrong. Raut pointed. He also asked the government to reconsider this recruitment, provide financial assistance to workers killed and injured in Kovid period, and provide permanent employment to contract workers. Nitin Raut was given by the organization. Trade union president Nilesh Kharat and general secretary Sachin Mengle said that the energy minister had assured that a meeting of senior officials of the three power companies would be called on all these issues. It was also reported that following this assurance, the trade union has temporarily suspended its two-day strike from today.

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