Tell us how to live; Small Business, Shopkeepers and Ordinary Citizen Questions KDMC | Palava News


Kalyan 12 July:
The lockout in Kalyan Dombivali is also increasing as the number of corona patients is increasing day by day. But how do we live to express our displeasure at this new lockdown? Such a poignant question has been asked from small traders, shopkeepers and common citizens to KDMC officials and administration.

The KDMC administration announced an increase in lockdown two days ago to break the chain of Corona in Kalyan Dombivali. Today (12 July) was the last day of the lockdown which has started from 2 July. Even before that it was extended. And small businesses, shopkeepers and ordinary citizens were once again concerned.
Already the last two and a half months lockdown has made our situation worse. In these two and a half months we somehow managed to get out. But now it is not possible. Tired week of the bank, heavy bills, house rent, shop rent and where to run the most important thing? Or should we walk the path of farmers now? Such a worrying response has been expressed by a professional.

So we have stomach in our hands and now we do not even have money to eat. Then how do we live, this question has been asked by ordinary citizens from the authorities and administration.

Controversy over lockout
Kalyan Dombivali residents have different views about the lockdown in Kalyan Dombivali. Some people are calling for a tight shutdown to reduce the number of corona. So despite the earlier closure, the number of corona patients here is increasing in large numbers. Then there is the question of why a new lockdown is needed.

Citizens angry at governance
The overall situation in Kalyan Dombivali has created an atmosphere of anger against the ruling party and the administration. On the one hand, where 500 patients are found in the house every day, the need of extensive efforts by the KDMC is being expressed by the citizens. The concern of the people is increasing day by day and there are complaints that no officers, administration and public representatives are coming forward to give relief to the citizens. Citizens are also angrily asking why nobody takes credit for the increasing number of patients in Kalyan Dombivali because you take credit for Dharavi.

The ruling party in the state, the ruling party in the KDMC, the administration and all the public representatives in Kalyan Dombivali require that appropriate measures be taken in view of the growing discontent among the citizens. Otherwise, the possibility of its effects in the future cannot be ruled out.