Those who ask what they have done will be held accountable in the upcoming KDMC elections: MLA Ganpat Gaikwad


Kalyan September 3:

What development works have the MLAs done so far in Kalyan East? MLA Ganpat Gaikwad has hit back saying that he will pay the price for the opposition who mislead people by asking such questions in the upcoming KDMC elections. MLA Ganpat Gaikwad openly discussed political, social and family issues with Nirbhaya Journalists Foundation in Kalyan Dombivli.

The people of Kalyan East have shown their faith by electing us 3 times in a row. When we were elected for the first time, the situation in Kalyan East was very dire. But since we have been elected, we are making special efforts to improve the standard of living of the people here. However, the politics of Kurghodi is being done by Shiv Sena here, due to which many of our good development works could not get momentum. On one hand development works are getting hampered and on the other hand the MLAs are being misled by asking what they have done. However, MLA Gaikwad warned the opposition in the upcoming KDMC elections that they will settle all their accounts.

When the BJP government was in the state, KDMC got the maximum funds. However, Shiv Sena deliberately kept pending the work that needed to be done and now they have also made a serious allegation that the same work is being done under another name. Municipal officials do not have the mentality to do development work. Shivsena is guardian minister for last 10 years, Shivsena is MP for last 7 years, Shivsena is also in power in Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. He also revealed that in Kalyan East every Shiv Sena councilor had done unauthorized construction on the reserved land.

There is a mentality here that if Ganpat Gaikwad brings funds, he will not allow it to work. However, MLA Gaikwad stressed on the need for political parties to come together for the overall development of Kalyan East, like senior leaders forgetting all differences and coming together for development. Expressing his firm belief that BJP’s strength will definitely increase in the upcoming KDMC elections as compared to Shiv Sena, he also said that alliance with Shiv Sena is the biggest mistake of BJP.

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