Unique ‘online painting exhibition’ held in Kalyan on the occasion of Maharashtra Day


May 2:
A unique ‘Online Painting Exhibition’ was organized in Kalyan on the occasion of Maharashtra Day. In this online exhibition organized by Vedanta Art Academy in Kalyan, many children spontaneously participated and presented their art. (‘Unique Online Painting Exhibition’ held in Kalyan on the occasion of Maharashtra Day)
Right now the corona is causing us all to face a lockdown once again. In addition, the students’ holiday season is on and the students are also tired of sitting at home. Your artwork cannot be presented outside. In this context, art teacher Yash Mahajan and his wife Bhavana Mahajan told Palava News that the concept of this online painting exhibition was implemented. He said that the main objective of the concept was to give the students an opportunity to learn something new from the paintings of other artists as well as to present their works to others. In this online painting exhibition
Maulik, Latika Shetty, Pallavi Kovhad, Mrinal Kolhe, Nirmaya, Harshita Gawat, Rituja Kaththapurkar, Joydeep Nandi, Smiti Mukherjee Shraddha, Sanskriti, Yash Mahajan and 15 other students participated. These children tried to present their artwork from the literature available to them. This picture exhibition has been disseminated through YouTube, Facebook, Telegram etc.

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