Violent agitation by BJP if the situation in Kalyan Dombivali does not improve in 8 days – Leader of Opposition Pravin Darekar | Palava News • Palava Samachar


Strong attack on Shiv Sena along with the state government over the Krona outbreak in KDMC

Welfare June 23:
Despite Shiv Sena’s power in the state, Shiv Sena’s minister in Thane, Shiv Sena’s MP in Kalyan, MLA, Shiv Sena’s power in the Municipal Corporation, only due to lack of political will and coordination, Corona has come to Kalyan Dombivali today. However, if the situation in Kalyan Dombivali does not improve in the next 8 days, the BJP will launch a fierce agitation, said Pravin Darekar, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council.

Against the backdrop of increasing number of corona patients in Kalyan Dombivali, Darekar held a review meeting with the Municipal Commissioner today. He also visited KDMC’s Shastrinnagar Hospital in Dombivali.

In today’s situation, Kalyan Dombivalikars are suffering a lot. However, Pravin Darekar alleged that the number of deaths in Kalyan Dombivali was increasing due to lack of management and coordination in the hospital. There is no coordination between the corporation and the political leadership here. Oxygen, ventilator does not require much funding. Opposition leader Darekar said that it was a failure of the ruling party that the municipal corporation could not take measures even then. He also said that all these issues were discussed in today’s meeting with the Municipal Commissioner. In the next 8 days, we did not see any change in the situation in Kalyan Dombivali, but Darekar warned the BJP to start a fierce agitation.

Former Minister of State MLA Ravindra Chavan also lashed out at Shiv Sena, asking why it could not take place in Thane, Kalyan Dombivali, a hotbed of justice and corona as a special case regarding Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray’s measures in Worli constituency.

MP Kapil Patil, MLA Ganpat Gaikwad, BJP general secretary Narendra Pawar, KDMC opposition leader Rahul Damle, former deputy mayor Moreshwar Bhoir, group leader Shailesh Dhatrak, corporator Daya Gaikwad and other office bearers were present at the meeting.

Meanwhile, after the meeting, Pravin Darekar visited KDMC’s Shastrinnagar Hospital in Dombivali. They also found that the hospital did not have a ventilator. He demanded that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Health Minister Rajesh Tope provide ventilators immediately.

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