Kalyan’s youngster ready to make history in space tourism

Kalyan’s youngster ready to make history in space tourism

kalyan July 14:
On July 20, Blue Origin will launch a new Shepherd private rocket, Jeff Bezos, with a select few tourists, and a young woman from Kalyan has been instrumental in building the spacecraft.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of the world-famous brand Amazon, is preparing to make a new history in the field of space travel in the US based space company ‘Blue Origin’.

Sanjal Gawande is a young woman who lives in a kolsewadi area east of Kalyan. Her mother Surekha Gawande is a retired employee of MTNL and her father Ashok Gawande is a retired employee of KDMC.

Born into a simple family in Kalyan, Sanjal completed his education up to 10th standard in Model High School, Birla College up to 12th standard and his undergraduate degree from Father Agnel College, Vashi and completed Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University. Sanjal also passed the GRE and TOEFL exams with good marks.

The wings of dreams have gained strength in the true sense

She further her education by getting admission in Michigan Tech University in the United States. After passing the first class, Sanjal got a master’s degree in mechanics. Later, she started working for a company called Mercury Marine in Fondulek, Wisconsin in 2013.

Even after getting a job, she was interested for space. That triggered her journey to take this step further to ensure her dream to take shape. While working, she started flying on weekends. And finally her hard work paid off. On June 18, 2016, she was licensed as an aviator and the wings of her dreams came true.

Interview given in NASA and

She began her career as a mechanical design engineer at Toyota Racing Development in Orange City, California. She was designing the engines of racing cars. She had applied to NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration – NASA) as her dream of space flight and her efforts for it continued. Although she was interviewed there, she could not be selected on the issue of citizenship.

Undeterred, Sanjal applied to Blue Origin for the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) and was selected there.

The launch of the New Shepherd is considered a milestone in the field of space technology and space. Sanjal is also part of the 10-person team that designed the rocket. Therefore, this is a very big thing for the kalyan of our country as a whole and Sanjal’s work will be less appreciated.

What is the New Shepherd?
Until now, satellites were only launched into space or for maintenance. But over the last few years, a new concept called ‘space tourism’ has come into existence in the United States.

The company Blue Origin is working for this and for space tourists, they will launch a spacecraft named ‘New Shepherd’ on July 20. It will feature Amazon founder Jeff Bezos along with his brother and a few other tourists. The cost of traveling in this vehicle is 28 million dollars (about 208 crore 78 lakh 34 thousand rupees).

The spacecraft will return to Earth after a mere 11-minute journey to the internationally recognized boundary of space (Karman line – the internationally recognized boundary of space). That is a new chapter in the history of the world in terms of space tourism, including the launch of New Shepherd’s International Space Station.

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