Yuva Nigam to give ‘plasma’ to corona patients. Palava News

Yuva Nigam to give ‘plasma’ to corona patients. Palava News

Kalyan on 21 October:

Plasma therapy is a great help in the treatment of corona patients and one such thereapy was conducted by KDMC Corporation. The name of the corporator who donated plasama for this intiative is Shreyas Kiran Samal and he has recently recovered from Corona.

Along with the flagship initiative of Adv. Jaideep Dilip Hazare, social organizations in KDMC, like Indian Medical Association Kalyan and others have been running awareness campaigns on plasma donation for the last few months.

Corporator Shreyas Kiran Samail was also recovered from Covid-19 and came to know from Mr. Hazare that a patient needed plasma of ‘A’ positive blood group.

Since Shreyas Samael’s blood group is also ‘A’ positive, he decided to donate plasma immediately without any delay.

He donated blood to the blood bank and donated plasma to the patient. Therefore, this plasma can be made available to the concerned patient in a timely manner. Samail is getting appreciation for this from different levels.

There is some misconception in society about plasma donation and it is expected that more and more people will be aware of this initiative by Shreyas Samail.