2-faced snake found again in Kalyan; Second event of the year Palava News


Kalyan 7 August:
The re-discovery of 2 oral snakes in Kalyan, considered extremely rare among snake species, has attracted the attention of snake friends as well as wildlife researchers. This is because less than 1 year has passed since the discovery of 2 such rare oral snakes.
Resident Dimple Shah noticed that there were snake puppies at the entrance of Ritu Complex in Kalyan West. He immediately informed the members of the War Rescue Foundation. According to him, Nilesh Navsare and Prem Aher of the Foundation visited the spot and were shocked to see the snake. They came to know that it was a two-faced snake of the genus Ghonas. He caught the snake safely without a moment’s delay.
Earlier, on September 20, 2019, the War Rescue Foundation first found two such snakes in the same area in Kalyan. The snake was assigned to the Hoffkin Institute for research under the guidance of the Forest Department. But War Rescue said that he died during the investigation.
Now again another 2-faced snake of the same species has been found, which is curious among snake-lovers. Wildlife researchers have once again paid attention to the welfare of this snake.

Photo courtesy: Suhas Pawar, Palava News Citizen Reporter

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