2 women died by suicide in separate incidents


Two incidents of death by suicide of two women in their twenties were reported from Dombivli and Bhiwandi in the last two days.

In the first incident, the 26-year-old woman had shifted to Palava township in Dombivli, eight months ago, and she was staying alone. D Choure, senior inspector of Manpada police station said, “The watchman of the building informed us about the incident. We have contacted her family members to get further details and have registered an accidental death report in the case.”

In the second incident, a 22-year-old woman from of Nizampura, Bhiwandi died by suicide on Wednesday evening.

Nizampura police officers said, “We received the information from her relatives about her death. We have registered an accidental death report. Her parents or relatives have not registered any complaint against anybody.”

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