80 per cent of beds in Kovid-non Kovid hospital taken by KDMC; Action for not behaving according to the official rate Palava News


Kalyan July 13:
On the one hand, the KDMC has finally woken up due to the increasing number of arbitrarily charged Kovid patients by private hospitals, refusing to admit patients even when beds are available. Following the increase in such complaints, the KDMC administration has taken control of 80 per cent beds in Kovid and non-Kovid hospitals in Kalyan Dombivali and ordered treatment of admitted patients at the government rate. Vijay is given by Suryavanshi. However, except for the beds of PICU, NICU, day-care and hemodialysis patients in Kovid and non-Kovid hospitals, 80 percent of the remaining beds are brought under municipal control.

It is mandatory to provide information about beds and treatment rates.

The hospital wants to display 80 percent and 20 percent of the beds, how many of them are empty, how many are filled, as well as the rates fixed by the government, hospital rates on the hospital front. Similarly, it has been made mandatory to give detailed information about hospitalization patients, their relatives, treatment rates and 80 percent empty beds under their control.

There can be no discrimination in the treatment of patients.
It will be mandatory for the hospital to treat the patient if it wants 80% controlled bed treatment and if a bed is available. Also, it is not possible to charge more than the government prescribed rate for the treatment of this patient. The remaining 20 percent will be allowed to be recovered by the hospital from patients undergoing bed treatment at the prescribed rate. But there can be no discrimination in the treatment of patients suffering from 80 percent and 20 percent beds in that hospital.

The hospital will be deregistered.

Employees in the hospital’s emergency services who refuse treatment to Kovid-19 patients and fail to perform their duties will be liable for action under the MESMA Act. Similarly, registration of the Disaster Management Act with the Communicable Disease Control Act of 1897 Municipal Corporation of India, if there are complaints of improper charges levied by patients or if it is seen that the instructions of the Government notification have been violated. It is also mentioned in the order. The municipal corporation has already issued a notice to 2 hospitals for charging exorbitant rates.

If you have a complaint about the availability of a bed, contact the Warroom at 0251-2211866.

If there is any complaint about the exorbitant rates or availability of beds in the hospital, an appeal is being made by NMC to call 0251-2211866 at the NMC headquarters in the warroom.