Mohan Koliwara Ward also starts investigation campaign according to ‘Dharavi pattern’ Palava News


Kalyan 14 July:
The Municipal Corporation has appealed to the local corporators to take initiative to launch a campaign as per the Dharavi pattern to stop the spread of rising corona in Kalyan Dombivali. Accordingly, an investigation has been initiated with Kalyan in ward number 14 Mohan Koliwara. corporator Sunanda Mukund Kot, MNS division president Rahul Mukund Kot has taken the initiative and launched an investigation campaign under the Dharavi pattern.

On behalf of Rahul Kot, a team of 15 volunteers, Drs. Shobha is surveying every house in Sable Ward. Also, every citizen is being investigated and every citizen is being questioned and information is being obtained. A team of 2 people is surveying about 70 to 80 households.
Raju Vishe, Vijay Bhosle, Amit Kot, Lalchand Sonar, Prabhakar Kadam, Arjun Sarode, Manoj Jagtap, Mayur Mahaske, Saurabh Gavane, Pramod Pandey (Lalu), Prakash Aute, Ayub Pavaskar, Sandesh Kot and other volunteers have participated. As part of this inspection campaign, 400 families will be surveyed every day. In addition, those in the ward who have fever and other symptoms will be given a free antigen test and will also be given fever medication, said local corporator Sunanda Kot.

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