Aim to complete the 5th-6th railway line next to Thane by March 2021; Eat. Review of railway projects by Dr. Shrikant Shinde. Palava News


Kalyan 18 August:
The project is to complete the fifth-sixth line between Thane and Divya by March 2021, which is very important for travelers near Thane. MP for this project, Dr. Faced many difficulties. Srikanth Shinde’s long search has overcome all difficulties. That is why it is targeted to complete the project by March 2021. After the completion of this project, it will be possible to increase the number of local round trips for passengers near Thane, which will ease congestion. Expressed by Dr. Srikanth Shinde. Eat to review the current status of important projects for suburban service next to Thane. Dr. Shinde recently held a meeting with senior railway officials. He was speaking in this meeting.

Work on the fifth and sixth lines between Thane and Diva was approved in 2008, but the project had a mountain of difficulties. Dr. Srikanth Shinde became MP for the first time in 2014, he continued to pursue these issues one by one. The railway changed the layout of the line at that time. As the new design is undergoing CRZ, the project has gained momentum over the last three and a half years with the approval of CRZ, acquisition of land from Thane District Collector, necessary permits from Thane Municipal Corporation, availability of funds from Ministry of Railways.

If there was no sudden crisis in Corona, the project was planned to be completed by the end of next year. But now that all the problems facing the project have been removed, the project is targeted to be completed by March 2021. This was decided in a meeting organized by Dr. Shinde.

The Welfare Yard Remodeling Project will also be started.
Similarly, Kalyan Yard Remodeling will also provide separate lanes for long haul trains, freight trains, suburban trains and increase the speed and number of suburban trains. Also, after the completion of this project, there will be a direct route from Patripul to the railway station, so take note of this project immediately. Dr. Shinde did. Railway officials said that a detailed project report of the project has been completed.

Work on Lokgram bridge to start in next 3 months
A total of Rs 70 crore is required for the Lokgram Bridge in Kalyan, out of which Rs 40 crore has been provided under the Smart City Scheme. Remaining funds will also be made available as needed. Work on the old bridge will be completed in the next two months. Also, go through the tender process for new construction and start construction by November. If you have any problems with Kadonampus, please contact me directly. Dr. Shinde said.

Siddharth Nagar to sit on AIR
Since the skywalk built in the direction of Siddharthnagar in Kalyan is very long, benches should be installed and escalators placed here for the convenience of the passengers. As there is no toilet here, an elevated toilet should be built in front of the booking office on the BOT principle. The suggestions of Dr. Shinde have also been accepted by the Railways.

Kopar-Ambarnath domestic stage completed by end of December
He also directed the domestic platforms of Ambarnath and Kopar stations to be completed by the end of next December. This domestic platform will reduce congestion on pedestrian bridges at both places and provide relief to passengers. Dr. Shinde said.

Attempt to start Chikhaloli station in 2 years
Eat. Due to the constant pursuit of Dr. Shinde, the railway has requested Thane District Collector for eight and a half hectares of land for the railway-sanctioned Chikhauli station between Ambarnath and Badlapur stations. As soon as it is reported that the joint survey work required for this land has been interrupted by Kovid. Dr. Shinde contacted the prefect. Accordingly, a joint survey will be conducted by the District Administration and Railways next week and the station will be operational in two years as soon as the land is acquired.

Submission of report to State Government regarding Diva-Vasai Road
A development report in respect of Diva-Vasai Road has been prepared and sent to the State Government for approval. Also, MEMU service will be extended by 2022.

Divisional Railway Manager Salbh Goyal, MRVC Managing Director Sanjeev Mittal, Ambarnath MLA Balaji Kinkar and Thane Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner Manish Joshi were present at the meeting.