Road repair, otherwise people’s movement will begin – Kunal Patil’s warning Palava News


Kalyan on 18 August:
East of Kalyan, on the Malanggarh road, the road to the village of Kerali is in a very poor condition and some people have died in an accident due to the pit. Even in this rainy season, the road has deteriorated due to pits and if the pits are not filled soon, Kunal Patil has warned to start the movement.

Due to pits in the road, the citizens here suffer a lot of damage. When Kunal Patil inspected the road today, he saw that the situation was the same today. We have been following the municipal administration for the last 3 months. However, the administration is not worried about the citizens and is receiving vague answers from them, Patil said. He has accused the administration of neglecting to fill the pits on the road for the last three months. No matter how much the administration suffers on this road, the problem of waste in this area is not yet solved when there is already an area of ​​pits on the road. So, if the pits are not filled before the Ganeshotsav and the garbage issue is not resolved, Patil has warned people to take to the streets and start agitation.

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