Citizen’s investigation begins under ‘Dharavi pattern’ in ward number 16 of Kalyan


Kalyan July 13:
It has been announced that a ‘Dharavi pattern’ will be implemented in Kalyan Dombivli to prevent the spread of rising corona. Accordingly, local councilor Rajendra Devlekar has taken initiative in ward number 16 of Kalyan West and has launched an investigation campaign in the ward under this Dharavi pattern.

On behalf of the Bhavani Chowk branch of the Shiv Sena, a team of 30 Shiv Sainiks took Dr. Visited the Chikkahar Health Post. With the help of Seema Jadhav, she is conducting a survey in every house of the ward. Also, every citizen is being screened and other histories are also being asked. A team of 2 surveyed 50 to 60 households.
Apart from this, citizens were also being appealed in this regard through the speaker in the department. Bhavesh Avesre and Angha Devlekar were responsible for this appeal.

Other Shiv Sainiks including Branch Chiefs Satish Vaikhal, Anna Pokharkar, Babli Kamble, Baba Jadhav, Santosh Devlekar, Nana Kolte, Dharmendra Shishupal and Hemant Patil participated in it. 600 to 1 thousand families will be surveyed daily. Former mayor and local corporator Rajendra Devlekar said that those who have fever and other symptoms in the department will undergo a free antigen test at Rock Garden, a senior civil services society created by corporator Rajendra Devlekar.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Youth Army Chief and Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray, Conservator Minister Eknath Shinde and MP Dr. Shrikant Shinde, MLA Vishwanath Bhoir, Maya Vinita Rane, Commissioner Dr. Devlekar also said that this campaign is going on under the guidance of Vijay Suryavanshi.