13 chicks prepared from King Cobra’s artificially hatched eggs. Palava News


Kalyan July 13:
13 chickens have emerged from artificially hatched eggs of the highly toxic King Cobra. A month and a half ago, the War Rescue Agency received information that there was a snake in a human settlement in Gandhari area west of Kalyan. After that, his friend Dutta Bombay, Suhas Pawar and his team went to the spot and caught the snake. They discovered that the king cobra was in the process of laying herpes eggs.

So the snake friends kept herpes safe in the office of the forest department. Here herd laid 13 eggs. Herpes was then safely released into the wild. For about a month and a half, these eggs were being artificially raised. Yesterday, 13 of these eggs hatched out of cobra chickens. According to War Rescue, the cubs will soon be released into the wild.

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