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Traffic in Lagos

Lagos traffic na di first attraction you go hear if you tell pesin say you wan come to di Nigeria commercial capital.

From traffic for road transport, to road anger alias rage, to flooding, plenti tins dey wey go fit to disturb di wellbeing of you “Lagos traffic” inside di city.

But more than most here be five things wey traffic for Nigeria fit cause.

Health Wahala

Deborah Agbeyeke give us gist about how she go comot house by 5am so she no go catch traffic for road wen she bin dey stay Ajah and work for Ikoyi and still dey reach house around 9.

She say “di mata bad sotat I no dey sleep again, I lose weight and I go watch ceiling until di next day.”

Anoda Lagosian, Aless wey be business woman tok say traffic make her sicknes long beffore she well.

She say “I bin get back problem for di first month of di lockdown wey bad sotay I get physiotherapy for am.

My doctor prepare recovery plan give me but traffic no let am work. Imagine afta you don do therapy finish to come siddon for traffic for 3 to 8 hours before you reach di place and as you dey come back.

E pain me well-well and I stop to dey go come start to dey do am for house.”

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lagos street

Fit Scata your relationship

Dr Olive Ogedegbe wey be consultant clinical psychologist tell BBC Pidgin say di stress wey dey come wen pesin spend most of di day for road go affect your mood wey be say you fit take am out on you friends or family.

One photographer for Lagos, Seun Brados, tok say e dey affect am relationship wise because e no fit meet di girl im dey chyke because of traffic.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Riders of hailing services Opay and Gokada staged a peaceful protest against the ban

Mental breakdown

Dr Ogedegbe tok say di mental health palava dey very possible like anxiety, depression and stress wey fit lead to bigger wahala for future.

She say “part of di wahala wey be lack of enogh sleep dey linked to a lot psychological palava.”

Tobi Adebiyi, wey move from Lagos go Abuja say di difference dey clear. “Di fact say I no dey wake up for early mor-mor again to dey go work or to dey think of traffic as I dey go house don dey help my mental health.”

Creative Wole Bamgboye tok say “at some point, I bin start to dey get time wey my brain no go record anything for up to thirty minutes.”

Reduce your flex

Edwin Okolo wey be fashion designer say e don affect im social life don dey very scheduled for am.

E tok say, “most of my friends dey stay 30 minutes away from me, because of traffic if we wan jam ourselves na beta planning we go do.”

Deborah tok about how guy invite am make dem go flex, “na so because of di tiredness of traffic for di week, I just sleep as e bin di tok.”

Hustle sef no go gel

Dr Olive tok say lack of sleep and anxiety and di stress of traffic dey reduce productivity, “you no go dey concentrate doe di work wey you suppose do because your mind go dey di traffic wey dey road wen you dey come back.”

Marjorie Fielder wey be business woman tok say, “I no fit hold different appointments for Lagos. If I get like to appointments to do, na to start to dey calculate weda dem dey close to each other before hold up catch you for road.”

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