See prices wey different filling stations dey sell fuel now for Naija – BBC News Pidgin


Filling station Port Harcourt

Nigerians don begin pay more for Premium Motor Spirit alias petrol afta independent marketers of petrol for Nigeria announce say di money to comot petrol from depot don increase from N138 naira to N151.

Although di Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) say petrol go dey sell 145 naira, most filing stations don adjust dia pump price and dey sell di product between N150 to N162, even NNPC filling stations dey sell for N160.

For Lagos State, Nigeria largest commercial city, filling stations dey sell at different different price, between N148 to N161. Dis na di same thing we torchlight for di kontri capital, Abuja.

BBC see say filling stations wey dey Port Harcourt, Southern Nigeria, bin change to N160.

Dis new move don break many Nigerians heart as dem complain say dis no be di right time for goment to increase di price of petrol as pipo and businesses still never recover from di palava wey di Covid-19 pandemic cause.

Although queue no dey filling stations we visit, e dey sure say wit dis increment, prices of tins go rise – transportation, food, services, everything. As dis na di usual pattern for Nigeria.

BBC Pidgin visit some fuel stations across di kontri.

Dis na di 3rd time Nigeria goment go change price of petrol for 2020. Dem change am for July, August, now September.

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