Give insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh to private doctors too – MP Dr. Srikanth Shinde demands Palava News in session


New Delhi, 22 September:
The Maharashtra government has also decided to provide an insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh to private doctors serving during the corona period. In the same vein, the central government has taken this decision and demanded an insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh for the private doctors facing Corona. Srikanth Shinde has done it in the Central Parliamentary session.

The Maharashtra State Government has decided to provide a security insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh to doctors serving in government hospitals. Along the same lines, MP Shinde has demanded that the central government provide Kovid protection insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh to doctors providing Kovid services in private and government hospitals in other states. If the central government agrees to this demand, private and government doctors from across the country can get a coverage of Rs 50 lakh.

Meanwhile, Jumbo Kovid centers and hospitals have been set up in the constituency with the help of various local bodies to deal with Corona. Initially RTPR tests were also carried out, opening fever clinics, increasing the rate of antigen corona testing. So that patients can be detected and treated. No drugs were found on the corona. The vaccine is not ready. However, injection of Remedivivir is effective in the early seizures of Corona patients, so Remedivivir injections are being purchased through the municipal corporations in the constituency and are being given free of cost from the municipal hospital. MP Shinde also said that it was possible to control and reduce the mortality rate of corona patients in the constituency. He requested the government to consider providing CT scan facility in most hospitals as many hospitals do not have CT scan facility. Shinde did it this time.

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