KDMC’s campaign against shopkeepers now after citizens; Municipal commissioner himself took to the streets Palava News


Kalyan 22 September:
The incidence of corona in Kalyan Dombivali does not appear to be decreasing. Therefore, KDMC had taken action against citizens who did not wear masks. After that, the corporation has changed its front to shopkeepers who do not wear masks. Municipal Commissioner Dr. Vijay Suryavanshi went to Kalyan Bazar and took this action.

The municipal area is still crowded in many places, especially in market areas, and the corona epidemic outbreak is also increasing. Due to this, the Municipal Commissioner today suddenly visited Jhunjhru Bazar area in Kalyan West. After inspecting the shops here, the shopkeeper fined the shopkeeper Rs 5,000 for not following the guidelines on the corona (keeping sanitizer in the shop, wearing mask by shop staff, following social distribution, etc.).

Due to the increasing prevalence of corona outbreaks, citizens are strongly advised to take punitive action if they do not wear masks in public places. Vijay Suryavanshi has already given all the ward area officers. Accordingly, NMC’s brigade recovered Rs 2 lakh in fines yesterday.

Citizens should also not go out without wearing masks to avoid danger of infection, do not remove worn masks frequently, use masks for your protection. Also, do not go to shops where you have not worn a mask. Vijay Suryavanshi did this time. Deputy Commissioner of Police Vivek Pansare, B. Divisional Officer Suhas Gupte, C. Divisional Officer Bhagaji Bhengre and other officers were also present on the occasion.

Action should be taken against citizens who do not wear masks

Police station case fined
1 Mahatma Phule 25 12 thousand 500
2 market 56 28 thousand
3 khadkapada 15 7 thousand 500
4 coal mines 108 54 thousand
5. Manpada. 16 8 thousand
6 Dombivli 40 20 thousand
7 Tilak Nagar 55 27 thousand 500
8 Vishnunagar 81 41 thousand 000

Total 315 1 lakh 98 thousand 500