Give relief to common people of the state by bringing new Ro Jan Arogya Yojana – Demand of MLA Raju Patil from the government. Palava News


Dombivali, 13 July:
The number of corona patients in the state including the country is increasing day by day. The general public is concerned with the cost of hospital treatment for coronary heart disease. MLA Raju Patil has demanded that in order to provide 100 percent free treatment to Kovid-19 patients, a new ‘Jan Arogya’ scheme should be launched at the national and state level in consultation with the central government to provide relief to the general public. . A demand has been made in this regard by sending a letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

The government had decided on 23 May 2020 to make available the benefits of ‘Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Jan Arogya’ scheme to all citizens of the state through all adopted hospitals. MLA Raju Patil said that it was hoped that people would get full benefits of the scheme, but now it is clear that people are disillusioned with the stipulated conditions, norms and rules to avail the benefits of the scheme. As well as
It was hoped that the ruling would now provide free treatment to all patients with corona, but only those patients who needed ventilators would benefit from the plan. So the real rule is that only 1 percent of corona-infected patients require ventilators, not other patients. He also informed that now only 1 percent of the patients will get this benefit as per the conditions of the government and 99 percent of the patients will be deprived of the benefits of the scheme. Other patients are also spending heavily after being hospitalized and everyone is unaware of it. Due to the lack of clarity in the ruling, there are disputes between the hospital administration and the relatives of the patients after paying the hospital expenses.

MLA Patil also said that only one or two private hospitals in each district of the state come under this scheme, the patients being treated in the remaining hospitals are not getting any benefit of the scheme. The lockout has been in operation in the state for more than 3 months and is still being extended. All industries, businesses, projects, jobs are closed during this period. People are upset because they have no work in their hands. Also, if a family member is infected with corona, then his bill is in lakhs of rupees. He also said that Remedisvir and toclizumab, which are essential medicines for corona patients, are now being blackmailed, saying that those who are already in financial distress are now helpless.
MLA Raju Patil has asked Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to give 100 percent free treatment to Kovid-19 patients, discuss it with the central government and bring a new Gy Jan Arogya ‘scheme at the country and state level as a special case. .

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