Good News; Barvi dam finally filled with water

Good News; Barwi dam finally filled, water worries lnn

Badlapur on 31 August:

The Barvi dam, known as the thirst quenching dam of Thane district, has finally reached its full capacity (72.60 m). Therefore, as per the preliminary information 545 cusecs of water will be discharged from the 4 automated gates of the dam.

With the filling of the Barvi dam, the water concerns for Thane district have been covered for the next one year.

Due to the rains in June and July, concerns were raised about the water supply in the Barvi dam. In early August, the Barvi dam had a balance of less than 50 percent.

However, in the last few days, rain has poured and filled the backlog for the entire Thane district and the catchmate area of ​​the Barvi dam.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, when the dam was 98 percent full, a water worship was performed at the dam in the presence of MLA farmer Kathore. Heavy rains in the catchment area of ​​the dam were expected to fill the dam at any time.

Accordingly, 545 cusecs of discharge started from the 4 automated gates of the dam last night. As a result, the villages along the banks of Barvi dam have been alerted by local public representatives and district administration.