MNS MLA Raju Patil injected Palava News to KDMC Commissioner


Resisting expensive injections for the patient and not giving them

Kalyan 14 August:
MNS MLA Raju Patil met Kalyan’s Dombivli Municipal Commissioner as a protest against the demand for expensive injections of Remedivivir and said he lay at the patient’s home without giving it to the patient. MLA Patil also opposed the case filed against MNS Dombivli city president Rajesh Kadam. MLA Raju Patil accompanied the delegation of MNS to KDMC Commissioner Dr. Vijay met Suryavanshi.

On 3 August, doctors asked a patient admitted to Kovid Care Center of KDMC to inject Remedivir in Dombivali’s Patidar Bhavan. MNS officials provided injections to the patient’s family members. However, there was no freeze for the injection at Patidar Bhavan, the doctors asked the patient’s family members to keep the injection at home. After 11 days, it was time for the patient to discharge, but when the patient was not injected, he was lying at the patient’s home, MLA Patil said.

Raju Patil, Dr. KDMC asked the Commissioner to answer the question. Vijay Suryavanshi was gifted with Remedicivir injection at the patient’s home. Raju Patil also opposed the case filed against MNS city president Rajesh Kadam in a ventilator case at Dombivli Gymkhana. The municipal commissioner has promised to withdraw the case against Kadam. But we don’t care if we don’t. However, MNS MLA Raju Patil criticized that it was all wrong.

MNS district organizer Harshad Patil, Dombivli city president Rajesh Kadam, group leader Mandar Halbe, former opposition leader Prakash Bhoir, Kalyan Rural Assembly speaker Manoj Gharat were present on the occasion.

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