‘Navadurga’ of Inner Wheel Club Riverside started educating children on smartphones. | Palava News

‘Navadurga’ of Inner Wheel Club Riverside started educating children on smartphones. | Palava News

Kalyan on 24 October:

Due to Corona, most schools are currently teaching online and only students with laptops or smartphones can take advantage of this. In such a situation, online education was becoming very difficult for the education of children. However, newcomers to the Inner Wheel Club of Riverside have taken a commendable initiative to overcome this problem.

In the last few months, all middle schools have started online classed. In which children are taught at home through mobile or laptop. Nowadays smartphones have become the normal for learning online. But in contrast, the people of lower income group cannot afford multiple mobile phone. As a result, even though the school started they have to study without a students here, especially 9th and 10th graders, were denied education because of no access to smartphone. This situation came to the attention of the Inner Wheel Club Kalyan Riverside and then the newcomers of this organization took the initiative to change it.

According to the Inner Wheel Club, 9 female members of the organization have decided to give smartphones to these children to study, President Meenal Pote informed.

Meenal Pote, Suchita Wankhede, Nayana Gholap, Bhavana Suchak, Dr. Manjusha Itkar, Khushbu Nagda, Bhagyashree Thackeray and Yogita Kurhade came forward. After we raised the money, we purchased and gave 3 tabs for children and his year-long internet connection. Pote said online classes will also be provided and free guidance will be provided on important topics for 9th and 10th grade students.

The tabs were distributed in a small formal program at Cambridge School. Inner wheel secretaries Kunjal Hariya, Bhavana Manraja, Deepa Gajjar, Sharmila Shah, Neha Neve, Rupali and other officials were present on the occasion.