Professionals happy with hotel opening; Demand to increase hotel re-start time Palava News


Kalyan 5 October:
Hoteliers are happy that the hotel business, which has been stalled for six months, will resume from tomorrow. Here, hoteliers from Kalyan Dombivali have started preparing to start a hotel. At the same time, businessmen have demanded the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation to extend the time for running the hotel.

The lockdown caused by Corona has broken the financial backbone of many businesses. Due to which the hotel business has not survived, but thousands of employees are dependent on it. Against this backdrop, the state government has given permission to start a 50 percent capacity hotel restaurant with effect from October 5. So there is an atmosphere of happiness among the hotel workers. Hoteliers in Kalyan Dombivali have welcomed the decision of the state government and promised to start their business on full terms and conditions. Meanwhile, hotelier Shailesh Shetty has demanded that the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation extend the opening hours of the hotel.

Meanwhile, all hoteliers will follow all the important rules such as thermal guns, masks, sanitizers, social distances etc. set by the government. However, Shailesh Shetty said that the hotel business should be extended to two to three hours instead of 7 pm to rejuvenate it.

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