Start local service for common people also ‘; MNS Civil Disobedience Movement in Kalyan-Dombivali Palava News


Kalyan / Dombivali:
The MNS had today called for a ‘civil disobedience’ movement to demand the state government to start a local journey for the common man. In which there was a spontaneous response from the civilians in the cities of Kalyan, Dombivali and Ambarnath.
The state government does not allow common travelers to travel locally due to fear of rising corona. But if the corona can spread to the locale, that’s all, and doesn’t it spread from ST? The MNS then asked the government what was its intention behind starting the ST bus service. Also, thousands of working class people have to travel by road today due to the unlock. But for an 8-hour journey from office, the citizen is traveling 6 to 7 hours hard. Why is the government not paying attention to this? Asking for such an answer, the government did not allow the common man to travel as soon as possible, but warned that the MNS would launch a more intense movement.
Meanwhile, police security was tightened in Kalyan, Dombivali, Ambarnath and other railway station areas, on the backdrop of the MNS ‘civil movement. Mansonikas also tried to reach the railway station at this time. However, the police stopped them at the entrance. Police took out a rally on Friday, vandalizing the truck, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck.
The movement was led by general secretary and former MLA Prakash Bhoir in Kalyan, district president Ulhas Bhoir in Dombivli and MNS vice-president Rajesh Kadam.

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