Stop mental harassment of people in the name of Corona – Demand for literature-artists in Kalyan | Palava News


Welfare July 14:
In the cities of Kalyan Dombivali, the number of people suffering from corona and loss of life due to corona is increasing day by day. The average number of patients per day has exceeded six hundred. The municipality and the doctors are working hard in this regard. But control over the Sultani cases of private hospital, arrears and plunder is necessary. Corona should be seen as an opportunity to serve humanity, not a source of income, and has been asked by many famous writers and artists to stop the mental oppression of citizens. He has sent a letter in this regard to the Municipal Commissioner, pointing to various issues that are currently going on. It has more than 50 public works like Kalyan, Ram Ganesh Gadkari Katta, Konkan History Council, Natya Parishad, Newspaper Writers Association, Journalist, Senior Citizens Association, Sankalp Pratishthan, All India Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Social activist, commentator, poet, writer, housewife etc. Libraries are included. People are involved.

Citizens are aware that the existing infrastructure of the government and the municipal corporation is insufficient to avert the crisis. There is no well-equipped government hospital in Kalyan-Dombivli due to the apathy of the administration and public representatives and hence it is natural to seek the help of private hospitals. However, private hospitals were asked to deposit 2.5 lakh rupees, then started treatment, demanded money overnight like a moneylender, drug injections were not found, showing illness is worse than illness and in a way these Mental torture is mentioned in the letter by writers and artists. Municipalities and governments are required to set standards for corona treatment. According to the provisions of the prevailing law, the Collector and Commissioner have the power to extend or relax the exemption. They are also expected to bring transparency in treatment. He also hoped that there would be at least affordable treatment for the global epidemic.

The letter stated that it was time for the common man to think that the death was better than the cure when the industry shut down during the lockout. There is no transparency like lack of beds, refusal by hospitals, collection of bills in lakhs, but the municipal corporation should take responsibility for supply of medicines or injections at subsidized rates. Are expressed in this paper. People are aware and tolerate that citizens are being looted in the name of illness. The letter also states that some private welfare hospitals are being mentally exploited and the administration needs to review them.
He demanded immediate abstention on mental harassment of citizens, control over Sultani affairs of private hospitals, arrears and looting. Overall, the letter has made a dent in the eyes of the local authorities and the administration and in the near future it will become clear what the ruling party and the commissioners will do about it.

1. Rajiv Joshi, President, Public Library
2. Bhiku Barskar, General Secretary, Public Library
3. Tusshar Raje, Ram Ganesh Gadkari Katta
4. Pvt. Jitendra Bhamre, Konkan History Council
5. Shivaji Shinde, President, Natya Parishad Kalyan
6. Prashant Mulhakar, Senior Journalist
7. Due to Pradhan Devidas
7. Mahesh Lohar, writer
9. Anita Kalskar, poet-activist
10. Dilip Malavankar, Journalist
11. Arvind Mhatre, Newspaper Writers Association
12. Baviskar, Senior Citizens Union Welfare
13. Anushree Phadnis, cine-drama artist
14. Praveen Deshmukh, poet
15. Kiran Deshpande, Bank Officer
16. Chandrakant Vaidya, Plain Society
17. Neha Vaidya, Social Worker
18. Sukhada Korade, poetess
19. Kirti Sattagiri, Housewife, Pathak
20. Due to consciousness, playwright
21. Hemant Vinchurkar, retired.
22. Tapasya Nave, Librarian
23 hundred faith, readers
24. Makarand Wangnekar, poet
25. Santosh Gosavi, Author
26. Shirish Joshi, Artist
27. Padmakar Pathak, World Senior Citizens Association
28. Sudhir Deepchand Chite, playwright
29. Ramesh Chandra Kulkarni, retired officer
30.Pvt. Dr. Rita Khaparde, poet, litterateur
31. Kiran Joglekar, poet, commentator
32. Ramesh Sardeshpande, social worker
33. Ram Daund, cine-drama actor, director
34. Deepak Joshi, Subhedarwada Katta
35. Sachin Kadam, President, Resolution Foundation
36 Mugdha losses, readers
37. Dinesh Shate, social worker
38. Ajay Patil, Teacher
39. Prashant Shinde, Social Worker
40. Arvind Sarfez, playwright
41. Chandrashekhar Bharti, A.B.M. Sa council
42 Surekha Gavande, poet, lyricist
43 Asha Joshi, poetess
44. Dr. Amita Kukde, Medical Profession
45. Vijay Pandit, social worker
46. ​​Gauri Deol, Librarian
47 Vandana Pandit, Women’s Council
48. Bapu Shimpi Sir, Teacher
49. Uglamugalesar, teacher
50. Shashikant Digambar Chandekar, Director of Sutras
51. Arvind Budhkar, Srikal Sanskrit Division
52 Samridhi Deshpande, Pathak
53. Sudhakar Vasikar, series artist
54. Janardan Oak, senior litterateur