The PPE kits used are dumped into the cemetery in the open; Palava News seeking notice by municipality


Photo courtesy: Palava News Citizen Reporter

Kalyan July 17:
In Dombivli Municipal Corporation area, the municipal administration has initiated action against Kovid hospitals for dumping garbage in the open. However, the PPE kit used in the bull market cemetery in Kalyan was found to be poor.
Shocking information has surfaced that PPE kits and hand gloves used by unknown ambulance personnel are being removed from the cemetery in Belibazar area of ​​Kalyan West. What’s special is that stray dogs who are often here pick up the kit and take it elsewhere, which is likely to infect others with the corona. This can pose a threat to the health of the citizens of the surrounding area. However, due to fear of Corona, the kit is being lit with the help of staff or personal assistants working in the cemetery as employees do not come here regularly for cleaning. Therefore, the health of the employees working in this cemetery is also in danger and the municipality is demanding immediate attention to this problem.

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