Stop road work, make the traffic smooth | Palava News

Stop road work, make the traffic smooth | Palava News

Palava 23 October:

Kalyan Rural MLA Raju Patil has warned that if the traffic on the Kalyan-Shil Road is not smooth in the next two days, the road work will be stopped.

Citizens get stuck in traffic jams for six hours every day and due to the random movement of heavy vehicles. Currently, work is underway to construct six of these roads. MLA Raju Patil said that citizens are the victims of this haphazard work.

MNS MLA Raju Patil himself took to the streets yesterday evening to seek answers to this problem. He took the questions to traffic police who is managing the traffic jam . Why is there a traffic jam? What is the solution? Why was the heavy vehicle not stopped? Who looks at the contractors works ? He questioned the traffic police saying that the citizens were being harassed.

He also informed that it takes four to five hours for people to cross Shil Phata, road work is going on and safety norms are not being followed by the contractor, barricades are not placed at the work site. Heavy vehicles are released on this road by the police. Heavy vehicles should leave from 10 pm to 7 am.

MLA Patil also warned the traffic police to stop road work if traffic is not smooth in two days.

MLA Raju Patil asked the traffic police about the traffic jam on Kalyan-Sheel Road.