Students of Cambria School in Kalyan interact with a NASA scientist Palava News


Kalyan on 9 August:
Scientists at the US space agency NASA interacted with students at the Cumbria School of Welfare. George Salazar, a senior NASA scientist, explained to the students in very simple terms various aspects of the very complex subject of space technology.
Cumbria International is known for its extra-curricular education in welfare along with schooling. As part of this, a consultation camp was organized by a scientist from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), a leading organization in the field of space. There is a line between both science and engineering. Science helps us understand nature. Therefore, students need to submit questions consistently, George Salzar said. During the two-hour event, George Salzer spoke on the unique importance of space technology, including science-mathematics and astronomy, preparation for space missions, study, strike, America’s historic Apollo missions to the moon, past and present space technology, Communications are included. He told the students in simple terms about many important and minor things like Hubble telescope, solar system. After the event, the students also asked Sajar about his curiosity about space, black holes, time machines, time difference between Mars, Earth and space, rocket technology, the effect of gravity on the body.
Bipin Potte, CMD of the Pote Group and head of the Cambria School, said the main purpose of the event was to ask children questions. If children have good questions, they will get good answers. Bipin Potte said, “Curiosity is called the mother of enlightenment and we are carrying out various such activities for students.”

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