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Mumbai, June 21:
Although a large number of citizens have been complaining about the electricity bill sent by MSEDCL this month, MSEDCL has denied all the complaints. MSEDCL has also clarified that the 3 month consolidated bill paid to the customer along with the slab benefit is correct and accurate.

Special link for MSEDCL consumers for verification
MSEDCL has provided a special link for the consumers to get the information of two to three months aggregate electricity bill as well as complete verification of slab benefit, adjustment of paid amount, monthly electricity usage and slab-like tariff. The complete calculation of electricity bill and analysis of electricity bill done by MSEDCL through this link is available for the customer only by giving the customer number.

Only 2 lakh 65 thousand consumers sent meter readings on their own

MSEDCL had shut down meter reading, electricity bill distribution and bill payment centers in the state on March 23 due to the corona virus. Due to the closure of readings, low pressure customers in the state were given average electricity bills and an appeal was made to send meter readings through the web portal-mobile app. Out of 2 crore 30 lakh customers, only 2 lakh 65 thousand consumers sent meter readings on their own. Accordingly, they are being given accurate monthly electricity bill.

Readings must be taken to correct electricity bills

So it was necessary to take readings to correct the average electricity bills sent to the remaining consumers. After the relaxation of lockdown, meter reading, electricity bill distribution and bill payment centers have been started in the areas permitted by the local administration from June 1. Electricity bills for the months of April, May and June during the lockdown period are being sent to the consumers together after the meter readings become available. However, the consumers have expressed their displeasure over these electricity bills and have complained that MSEDCL has sent these bills in large amounts.

Possibility of higher amount due to new electricity tariff and 3 months combined electricity bill
If the electricity consumers pay the average electricity bill during the lockdown period, the remaining amount is being adjusted in the three-month consolidated electricity bill in June, except for the fixed size of April-May, excluding electricity charges. Information about this is being mentioned in the electricity bill for the customers. In the lockdown, customers were sent average payments, similar to winter electricity consumption. However, due to increased power consumption in the lockdown in the summer and new tariffs applicable from April 1, 2020, the monthly but consolidated electricity bills for April, May and June are likely to be more units as well as higher amounts, MSEDCL said.

The electricity bill paid is very accurate

Electricity bills for the months of April, May and June are paid to the consumers on a consolidated but separate monthly basis. This three-month electricity bill issued in June is very accurate. According to the right slab and electricity tariff as well as actual electricity consumption and not a single penny has been added to the electricity bill, consumers should not go to the office to repair the electricity bill without any confusion and also appealed to MSEDCL to cooperate by paying the electricity bill through official electricity bill center or online.

Meanwhile, MSEDCL claims that the electricity bills paid to the customers are accurate, but many have lost their jobs during the lockdown and many are facing financial difficulties due to job losses. Against this backdrop, even if the electricity bills given by MSEDCL are considered to be accurate, the question of how to pay them has been raised by many. From which the government needs to address this issue with sensitivity.


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