KDMC general election; Approval of State Election Commission for preparation of ward formation proposal Palava News


Kalyan 22nd June:
While Corona is vying for the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation general election in November, the question is whether the election was on time. The State Election Commission has sent a letter to Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation approving the proposal for formation of wards. On the one hand, KDMC’s general election was expected to go ahead due to Corona’s attack on Kalyan Dombivali. However, the e-mail sent by the State Election Commission regarding the pre-election work along with the ward structure has made it possible for the KDMC elections to be held on time.

The term of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation expires on November 2020. Therefore, the ward formation program should have taken place in April or May 2020. A few days ago, the state government has decided to keep 18 out of 27 villages in Dombivali Municipal Corporation and 9 villages in the Municipal Corporation. However, the corporation administration has not received any notification in this regard.

The lockdown that followed Corona for the last 3 months was generally relaxed 3 weeks ago. Under Unlock 1’s Mission Begin Again, the government has given permission to start government offices, private offices and shops by complying with various conditions. Under this, the State Election Commission has approved KDMC to prepare a proposal for the formation of wards of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation. State Election Commission Deputy Secretary Avinash Sanas has sent a letter to NMC in this regard. Municipal Secretary Sanjay Jadhav said that a letter has been received from the Election Commission instructing them to prepare draft information.

On the one hand, the winds of general elections are blowing in Kalyan Dombivali, while the Corona is in full swing. It will be interesting to watch.


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