Traffic at Palava junction to be resolved in 5 days


Following the complaints of traffic congestion between Rajnouli and Kalyan phatak, Thane Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) traffic Amit Kale, on Monday, assured to resolve it within 4 to 5 days by filling the potholes and gaps between cemented roads on this route.

The huge traffic jam is observed between Rajnouli junction and Kalyan phatak along Bhiwandi bypass road. The road construction work of six lanes between the above mentioned spots is being undertaken, adding to the congestion. “The construction work of two of these lanes is almost complete. The gap between them needs to be filled for smooth vehicular movement. This will help to get extra lanes and will ease the congestion on this particular route,” said Kale.

Palava junction near Dombivli is also embroiled in a similar problem. With several pot holes, this route faces severe congestion. “We have brought this to the notice of the concerned authority,” he added. Traffic in the above mentioned areas is likely to be resolved within 4 to 5 days.

Due to the lack of public transport, many office goers are using their private vehicles to reach their workplace amidst the pandemic. Hence, busy routes like Kalyan-Bhiwandi road and Palava junction are congested. “As maximum office goers are dependent on road transport, the road conditions need to be improved. The ongoing road construction work at Rajnouli and Kalyan railway crossing should be completed on time without further delay,” said Sushil Soni, 28, a regular commuter from Bhiwandi to Kalyan.

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