Traffic will be closed on Patripula tomorrow night from 10 am to 5 am for the installation of new Patirpula girder. Palava News


Kalyan 13 September:
Traffic on the old bridge will be closed from 10 am to 5 pm tomorrow (Monday, 14 September) for the next 3 days to install the second phase girder. This information was given by senior police inspector Surendra Shirsat of Kalyan East Traffic Branch.

Patripula, which is considered very important for the people of Kalyan Dombivali, has been in operation for the last 2 years. This work is now in its final stages. Last month, traffic was evenly stopped between August 19 and August 24 for the installation of the first phase girder. A large crane will be called to hold the girder of the new bridge. The crane will currently be used on the old bridge and girder will be installed. Therefore, traffic on this route will be completely closed from 10 am to 5 am. Work will be done for three days from 14 September to 17 September. Traffic Police Inspector Shirsat has appealed to close the road and use alternate routes.

Alternative methods would be

  • Heavy and heavy vehicles passing through Kalyan Sheel Road have been barred from entering Ranjanoli Naka. These vehicles will pass from Ranjanoli Naka Bhiwandi to Kharegaon Tolnaka Mumbra Bypass.
  • Light vehicles passing through Sheel Road have been barred from entering Durgamata (Durgadi) Chowk in Kalyan.
  • Vehicles on Kalyan Nagar Road have been barred from entering Subhash Chowk.
  • Vehicles going from Kalyan Shilpa Road towards Patripula will be barred from entering Sukkha Naka. These vehicles will turn right from Sukkha Naka in Kalyan East. Kalyan westbound vehicles will leave Kalyan fork for Kharegaon toll block.

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