Will you pay attention to us only after we are infected with corona ?; KDMC employees in Tata Invitational Question to Administration | Palava News


Welfare June 22:
Will you pay attention to us only after we and our families are infected with the corona? This angry question has been asked to the administration by the employees of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation at Tata Amantra Kovid Center. Officials at Tata Amantra have written to the KDMC administration to appoint another staff in our place. He has raised this angry question saying that no action has been taken against him even after several days of reversal.

KDMC has been operating this segregation room in the Tata Amantra building on Bhiwandi bypass for about 3 months now. Patients with corona suspicion or coronary artery disease (reported only positive but with no symptoms) are admitted here. It is the responsibility of the officers and staff assigned here to provide daily facilities, catering, ambulances and buses to these patients. The work is being carried out here in 3 shifts on a regular basis and we were told by the staff that we have a work order here till the end of May. However, providing 8-hour service in an area with coronary heart disease is now frightening and our mental health is also deteriorating, he said. So one of our officers has been suffering from fever for a few days now and will the KDMC administration think of us only after we die? He has asked such a question to KDMC.

No action has been taken even though the transfer application was filed 1 month ago. However, they have made serious allegations that the people concerned are not being given any duty by the concerned authorities and that our file is not being deliberately conveyed to the Commissioner. They have demanded that we be transferred and other officers and employees be sent here before the corona causes any harm to our lives and the lives of our families.

The transfer process is underway and transfers will be made in the next few days – Vijay Pagar, Deputy Commissioner General Administration, KDMC
A report has been received regarding the transfer of staff-officers in the Tata invitation. Proceedings are underway in this regard and transfers will be made in the next few days, said Vijay Pagar, Deputy Commissioner, General Administration, KDMC.


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